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Are you thinking of getting pool services? Big Blue Pool Service Bakersfield is pleased to offer you the widest range and quality of pool services to meet your needs.

Dan Phillips and his team are skilled professionals and are fully qualified and have years of experience to meet every situation you will face with keeping your pool clean and beautiful year – round.

(Dan is a CA. Licensed contractor)


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Get your pool looking like this...with NONE of the hassles!

You will find that we provide the very best quality around, YET rest assured that we still have the most competitive rates in the industry – but also let me say that what you want, is the best rate for the best quality – so don’t be fooled by some newcomer who offers you a cut-rate price and also gives you a cut-rate quality.  We pride ourselves in the high level of repeat customers that we maintain and we believe that is due to striving for excellence and a commitment to your satisfaction.  We have a high attention to details and place a high value on your satisfaction. 

Our friendly team is waiting to hear from you and to answer any specific questions that you may have.  Your satisfaction is our prime concern – be that maintain a clean and beautiful pool, or if you need expert repairs or new equipment. 

We provide swimming swimming pool cleaning service and pool maintenance in  Bakersfield and Kern County, CA.  Services include residential, hotel pools, apartment swimming pools, community swimming pools, condo pools, estates and commercial pools.

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Pool Equipment Services!  Ask for Dan:  374-9320

We offer several weekly and bi-weekly swimming pool service plans:

  • Regular Weekly Pool Cleaning – Pool Maintenance
  • Pump repair and installation
  • One-time Cleaning Service
  • Filter cleaning (All types) and installation
  • Automatic pool vacuum sales and repair
  • Minor to moderate repairs
  • Green, Yellow, and Black Algae removal
  • Pool drain and Refill
  • Chemical Only Service available
  • Summer start-up
  • Acid Wash
  • Chlorine Wash
  • Plumbing repair and valve replacement
  • Pool Supplies
  • Vacation Service


Want some comfort? Take some time and relax next to the pool on a warm and sunny day. If you’re of the more athletic nature, swimming can also be an effortless and fun form of effective exercise. Thinking of getting a grand pool installed on your premises? Or do you already own a private pool? Either way, along with the great perks of owning your own pool come the added tensions of making sure it’s maintained and cleaned correctly throughout the year.


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